“No Way, No How, Nobody” by Don Lawson is A Music Tribute To The Ones We’ve Loved and Lost


The extremely talented Don Lawson wrote this song in memory of his beloved dog. In tribute to all those animal companions who are deeply missed by the ones they left behind, he has invited everyone to include their loved ones in the video! 

I sent Don a picture of Amadeus and Sampson; they are now immortalized in music- something they both loved. To see them included with a song is comforting and a perfect memorial. They were and are still a huge part of my life. 

One of the most difficult things about losing a nonhuman family member or friend is that there are no formal or ritualized ways to express our grief or celebrate their lives. When a human loved one dies, there are many things people can do, like holding wakes, funerals, and memorial services, as well as any number of ways to leave a mark o the world that commemorates that person’s life. When it comes to those loved ones of another species, though, there is no universally recognized practice that helps those who are still living cope with grief or honor the lives that meant so much. Many studies have shown that losing an animal companion is just as devastating as the loss of a human one, but there are no specific ways for people to express their loss or cope with grief. Don’s music has given us a way to formally recognize such loss for how intense it really is, as well as a way to celebrate the bond we share with our animals, both in life and beyond. 

If you would like to pay tribute to your own beloved animal companion, just follow the instructions at the end of the video. Send Don an email with a photo and the name of your buddy- the email address and complete instructions are after the video. 

Thank you, Don Lawson, for such an extraordinary gift! In a season where the loss of a loved one can be even more difficult with society’s focus on family and friends, it may just be the most precious gift of all. 

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