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Rescue: Dogs in Brazil     www.dogsinbrazil.org


Dogs In Brazil is an incredible rescue based in Rio de Janiero, with a U.S. affiliate location that is now officially a 501(c)3  organization! Their work with street dogs that have been abandoned, as well as neglected and abused dogs, has been nothing short of an Olympian endeavor. Recently, they rescued an emaciated pup who was so severely malnourished that every bone showed; he was a walking skeleton, and he was terrified of people. After taking Nicholas in, DiB worked to gain his trust as well as to bring him back to health. Complicating his condition was the discovery that he is diabetic, needing additional medicines and attention. However, DiB persevered, and Nicholas slowly gained weight and began to interact with the humans who had saved him.

Just as Nicholas was close to his ideal weight and had overcome his fear of people to a large degree, he went blind overnight. He developed cataracts and a severe depression as a result of the loss of his eyesight. The good news? A surgery could be performed that would give Nicholas back his vision! The bad news? It was an expensive procedure, and with around 70 dogs in their care, DiB did not have additional funds for such a procedure.

A heartfelt plea went out to Dogs in Brazil’s followers to try to raise the money for Nicholas’ surgery. It was obvious that Nicholas was rapidly declining under the weight of the depression gripping him; he was listless and afraid and had to stay in the house much of the time due to his inability to see. DiB followers rallied to the call, including an extremely generous donor who put up a match-the-amount challenge in a large amount. Within a short time, the entire amount of money was raised and surgery was scheduled for November 3, 2016!

Everyone held their breath as Nicholas emerged from surgery, knowing it would take some time before his vision fully returned. However, in a shorter time than expected- just a few days- it was obvious the surgery had been successful, as Nicholas’ entire demeanor changed. Suddenly, he was running and barking with joy, playful as a pup again. He needed to have one of the new lenses replaced, as it had torn, but even before his sight was completely restored, Nicholas was a completely different dog than the one who dejectedly had wandered in the dark of night in the middle of the day. Dogs in Brazil never gave up on him, just as they never give up on any of the dogs they take in. They keep the ones who cannot be adopted and are able to send dogs to new homes just about anywhere in the world. They are a light in the darkness, not just for Nicholas, but for all the street dogs in Rio that find their way to DiB. None are ever turned away.

You can donate to Dogs in Brazil via their website (see top of page) and see all of their wonderful dogs on their website and Facebook page!

To learn more about Dogs In Brazil, check out the following video:


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